The Best Design

Room and parlour selfcontain is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. It has become the choice for bachelors and young couples. Many of these prospective tenants have good taste. That is, they appreciate a good design and don’t mind paying more to secure it.
There are indeed different designs or plans. We shall consider two: Firstly, there is a design in which there is no lobby. The parlour links directly to the room. You access the toilet through the room. Obviously, the disadvantage with this, is that, a visitor that wants to use the toilet will have to pass through the bedroom. So there is hardly any privacy here. The only seeming advantage with this pattern is that it minimizes space. 
On the other hand, the best pattern which everyone appreciates is the type with a lobby. You can do other things in this space or keep other properties here. Besides, there is privacy. The parlour does not link to the room but rather links to the lobby. So, any visitor will go straight to the toilet without passing through your room. Drop your comment below or call 07031384722, 07054107283. 

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