There are different 4bedroom bungalow designs. Choose a design that suits your taste, space environment and budget. Do not carelessly pick another person’s designs simply because it is beautiful and attractive. Some who did  that later discovered that adjustment needed to be made on the project, spending more than necessary. Hence, copy and paste designs are not advisable. 

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To avoid such costly mistake in building a nice 4 bedroom design that will not put hole in your pocket, we spend enough time understanding your needs. The method we use in this regard is quite unique. We apply doctor’s diagnostic methods. Ha! You may wonder, what has doctor got to do with this? Relax!



If you miss this offer today, your child will ask you these questions:

Child :  "Dad, where were you when Aliko Dangote was making all the money in real estate ? OR

Where were you when a woman, Victoria Lawson was making all the money in real estate investments?"

(Hmm! Children these days ask terribly embarrassing and hard hitting questions,  BE WARNED !)

Dad, (embarrassed, fidgeting,  explodes in angry defense ):   "Are you stupid?"
(Imagine, escaping the question)

Today, in Benin this scenario will play out.

A golden opportunity,  a secret jewel, discernable only by an intelligent real estate Investor in Benin City:

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50Percent in 2years,
100Percent in 3years.

Why am I so sure?

Chidi Property, a Google VERIFIED real estate professional, recognized by Google as the best estate agent in Benin, (Search on Google: The best real estate agent in Benin City), makes such authentic analysis.  Chidi Property, not just a name, it's a Bold Brand !

What are you still waiting for ? Rush Now, as the Clock ticks away. The other investor is warming up to grab this opportunity. 

Remember,  "the winner takes its all" (Song by ABBA)
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Tell us the kind of building you want, and we will create a perfect replica of it. We take the perfect building concept out of your brain and create a physical match in all details. However, this does not make us a magician!


 For many days and even weeks, the world was agog with the witty statement from a surprisingly small boy of four years old, Oreofeoluwa Lawal. It was a top trend, a viral video that evoked laughter in everyone. The video was indeed soothing to the mind, and helps to relieve tension in every one.


Calm down mummy, relax like this(boy demonstrates it on the sofa). Now lets assume that the mother was at that point was inflamed with anger with what Oreofeoluwa Lawal did. If she listened to her son, her anger would definitely calm down and she would be in a better position to make a rationale decision about the best discipline to adopt on the boy. This would prevent her from acting rashly in violence and hurting the boy. Of course, the mother was indeed in control of her emotions, she had learned to TAME IT. 

The aftermath resulted in unprecedented rise to FAME and GLORY. You doubt me? See how governor Sanwo - Olu finally met with the family here.

The news is awash with stories of parents killing their children because they could not control their anger under provocation(sure, children could add to your stress and build up your anger to a crazy crescendo that eventually explodes like a hurricane). In the end, it becomes a blame game(but too late).

In the video, I observed that the mother was totally in control of her emotion that was why she did the video(to put it on record). And so, she didn’t overreact. In other families, this could have been the scenario: mother hits the boy with a sledge hammer or any other object to teach the boy a lasting lesson but the boy is terribly hurt, news gets, mother is arrested….(complete the script).

Many of our problems could be solved when we really “CALM DOWN” in the face of crisis. The brain relaxes, so that you could see the situation the WAY IT IS, NOT VICE VERSAL. When terribly anxious in the face of crisis, the problem takes on unimaginable PROPORTIONS. The brain plays tricks on your mind: hallucinations and other problems associated with it.

On the contrary, when you CALM DOWN, THE BRAIN BEHAVES LIKE A NORMAL KID helping you to see the situation clearly, act wisely and eventually gets out of problems.

As of this writing, the time was 2:20am, August 14, 2020. My Sleep went into exile, and the only thing on mind was just what I am doing now – writing. Just to bring the flood of emotions into control. To instruct the mind and brain that everything is ok, and thus act in that direction. YES, TO CALM DOWN!


No amount of problems would stop chidiproperty from projecting the properties for sale in Edo State. Oh yes, we have good properties for sale in Benin City and beyond. Is it 2flat for sale? we have it. Is it duplex for sale? We have it. Is it bungalow for sale in edo state? We have it. Is it 4flat for sale in Edo state? We have it. Is it hostel for sale in Edo state? We have it. The list is endless.

"Turning HURDLES into HUMOUR because of HARD HUSTLES" - Rutherford Chidi

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Based on our last article, you spend more when you fail to hire an architect, we talked about the complications of not hiring an architect. This article is focused on the reason you should trust the architect or trained building designer with your future home. This article is focused on the process, steps that are involved in the design process. The truth is “a well-conceived design leads to a high quality design".


 Abraham Lincoln once said: “The best way to predict the future is to create it”.  This is an ever true statement applicable in all spheres of life. Flood is gradually becoming a Nigerian reality and Edo state as a case study.
According to NiMet prediction, “a normal to above normal’ rainfall is expected generally with an early false start.’’

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