Title documents(house documents) are legal documents of properties indicating necessary details and owner of the property. There are different types, and are considered below:

1.      Approval: This is used to request for a plot of land from a community or from the Oba. Once this approval is issued, you become the sole or original owner of the said property( that is the property was not assigned to anybody prior to you. In fact, you are the virgin owner. This document carries the beacon numbers of the plot as well as signatures of the elders and community leader.
2.      Deeds of transfer/Deed of Assignment: This document is prepared by a lawyer and duly signed by both parties, transferor(the one selling) and transferee(the one buying). So there is going to be a transfer of ownership
3.      Survey: surveying is the measurement and mapping of our environment. Surveyors are the first people on any construction site, measuring and mapping the land. These primary measurements are then used by architects to understand and make the most of the unique landscape when designing and engineers to plan structures accurately and safely ensuring buildings not only fit with the landscape but are able to be constructed.
4.      Certificate of Occupancy(C of O): This is a document issued by the government to interested property owners. It is valid for 99 years.
5.      House plan: The house plan lays out the structure of the proposed house on paper. It is the blueprint of the house. It usually reveals different sections of the house. It is prepared by an architect.
From the foregoing, not every property owner has all the documents discussed above. Notwithstanding, with just Approval and Deeds of Transfer, a property owner can sell off his property if he wishes. 
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