These days some landlords are scared of giving out their house to tenants. Some who have had a terrible experience with tenants are reluctant to accept just anyone. In this regard, landlords conduct a thorough screening exercise. Some take a step beyond this. This reminds me of a particular apartment at ugbighoko. The previous tenant damaged a lot of the facilities: the tap knob was broken, shower no longer working, the doors  were in bad state, the ward-drop doors were fallen.
To worsen the matter, the tenant packed out secretly. This angered the landlord. To forestall this ugly situation, the landlord decided to charge N20,000 caution fee for any incoming tenant. This fee would be used to repair any damaged facility when the tenant is moving out. But if no damage, it will be refunded.
Before ever you give out your house to tenants you need to find out the following concerning them:
1.       The size of their family, who and who will squat with them later
2.       Their office, employer, etc.
3.       Their habit: is he a smoker or drinks alcohol a lot?
4.       Their referee
5.       Their previous residence and find out why they were leaving
6.       Is he or she troublesome?
7.       Does he or she have a good maintenance culture?
Apart from the foregoing, you need to dig deeper especially if the tenant is occupying the entire compound. You have to be very careful in this regard. Some tenants who have the entire compound to themselves sometimes get involved in questionable activities. Some compounds become a safe haven for criminal activities. Monitoring tenant activities in a situation like this is difficult.
1.       Have you had a bad experience with your tenant in the past?
2.       How did you manage a troublesome tenant?
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