How often will people continue to fall prey to deception. Here is the story of a man I call Osakwe, who bought a property with ten rooms(Brazilian Design, or what we call face -me -I -face -you)on a 100 by 100feet dimension for a ridiculous N2M. The property in question was a family house. In such  a case, a lot of persons have stake on the house. Therefore  selling it would not be easy-it takes the consent of every member of the family to get it sold.
There were eight persons in that family.  The family head had died a few years ago. Meanwhile, a lady in the family, for a long time, had been nurturing the idea of selling the house, and without the knowledge and consent of the other family members.
One fateful day, an unwary buyer was found. He liked the property very much especially as it was cheap. Arrangement went in place quickly to finalize the purchase. The lady smuggled out the document of the house. Also she arranged for people to pose as family members endorsing the sale. They all signed the necessary documents. The client quickly made payment. As soon as the transaction was closed, they bolted away. Trouble was brewing.
When the other family members learned of it, they arrested the buyer.
1.       Be careful when a property is too cheap, because this is one strategy used to deceive buyers to buy dubious property.
2.       Don’t be in a hurry to buy, slow down
3.       Carry out all investigations before buying
4.       Do not buy property on your own-you need the services of experts  in the field to guide you through the entire process
5.       When it sounds too good to be true, then it is not
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