So many communities experience lack of cooperation from landlords. Some roads or streets have fallen into disrepair and inaccessible by cars because of lack of willingness on their part to fix the road periodically. What is usually required is just to fill up the road with red sand and hire tractors to level it. The other day, a landlord was complaining to me about how he single-handedly brought in a tractor to fix the road. Prior to this, he had asked others to make some contribution for that purpose, but they, except one, turned a deaf ear.
It was not that they were not having money but rather simply refused- a case of stinginess. Where  I live, the street is not motorable. There are large pools of water that served as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. My landlady tried to ginger others to contribute some money to buy filling sand and then fix the road. Out of about 11 landlords, only three contributed. The remaining eight said that the erosion did not affect them, for that reason there was no point contributing.
This is the situation in so many streets today. Lack of community spirit is affecting the rate of development in most areas.
1.       How do you create a spirit of cooperation in your street?
2.       What should be done to defaulting landlords?
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