Whether you are an agent or a prospective buyer, this article will interest you. First of all, most agents have fallen victim to fake sellers giving rise to arrest and detention.
Frankly, no sane agent or realtor would deliberately sell a property that is not genuine. Sometimes, they close the deal before another person would emerge as the real owner of the property. To avoid trouble, early investigation matters.

1 . Who is the owner of the property? Find out his name, sex, age(young or advanced) during initial inspection of the property. Note it down. Compare this information with the one that will later be provided when negotiation has reached an advanced stage. When there is a gap in the information provided, then you have reason to be suspicious.
2. Was the property inherited? Is the property owned by the family?  When you get a hand on these information , probe further. If possible, get to know the members of the family. Find out if they are in unison regarding the proposed sale of the property. Don’t underrate anyone.
3. Is the owner resident in the same city or abroad? If abroad, find out who has the authority to sell(or power of attorney).  Make sure you speak with the owner before proceeding with the transaction.
4. Who was the transferor? That is, the previous owner that sold to the present owner.
5. Why do you want to sell the property? This may seem unnecessary at first, but the more the supposed seller speak about himself, the better information and insight you will obtain about him. His true self begins to reveal. The greater confidence displayed while answering the question, the higher the credibility rating.  A fake seller will tend to speak timidly in a hurry and even try to wave off the question.

There are certainly other questions you may ask which are not included here, therefore express your opinion in the comment section below, we value it. This way we learn from each other.
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