Many clients have the habit of consulting many contractors to seek for a quotation. Most often, some clients are never satisfied to receive a quotation from just one contractor only. Comparison of different contractors' quotations and seeking the cheapest is the easy route. 

However, contractors vary in competence. The big question is: how do you know the contractor that will give you a quality job? This hint will help. Gradually, many are coming to realize that cheaper service does not necessarily mean quality. In other words, higher service seem to offer more quality. A competent contractor does not rush out to give a quotation. Instead, the competent contractor takes his time to do a detailed analysis of the job structure and cost. He is careful not to underestimate because this could put him in trouble or overestimate for this too might scare away the client. So a careful balance is made. Meanwhile, this contractor is honest and will never get involved in sharp practices often common among some greedy contractors .

On the other hand, the other contractor is desperate to get the contract. He offers a cheaper quotation, such that under normal condition will run at a loss during the course of handling the project. But you need to know that such greedy and desperate contractor has a way of ensuring he doesn’t run at a loss. Do you know how he does this? Well, it is stealing. Yes, stealing of materials and selling it to recover money from it.
Picture this scenario: assuming 25 bags of cement is what is required to use in concrete to floor your compound and the desperate contractor brought his quotation low just to secure the contract, this is what he does to make up for this; he will steal 5 bags of cement out of the 25 bags to do the job. The stolen 5 bags are sold and he pockets the money. He proceeds to do a shoddy job for you. In most cases, clients are not aware of such sharp practices because most greedy contractors have developed an advanced way of carrying out this practice. Even worse, the client may be present in the site and yet may not know what is happening. This drama plays out most often with clients who prefer cheaper estimate.

Another issue that might arise with the choice of a cheaper quotation is that the desperate contractor might end up not completing the project, yes it is abandoned halfway. What would you do in this situation?
In view of the foregoing, it is necessary to give projects to experienced and trusted contractor if you want to have peace of mind and satisfaction. Call 07054107283 or 07031384722 for a consultation. Please, drop your comment below.


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