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Been security conscious is everybody’s business. To stem the tide of frequent cases of robbery incidence, you must take necessary steps. The other day, I was going to a friend’s house in the morning. 

As I entered the street, I saw a cluster of people ahead. I walked faster obviously to ascertain the reason for the early morning gathering. I saw a familiar face, so I inquired what was happening. The witness who lived in that street told me that they caught a thief. When I looked carefully, I saw a young man sitting on the ground with blisters all over his body, an indication of serious beating.
According to the report, the thief cut through the window in attempt to steal phones but luck ran out of him.  This pattern of stealing is becoming a recurring decimal in my area. In fact, my neighbor had similar experience. A boy would climb through their fence into the compound and with the aid of a sharp object cut through the window. In his first attempt, he reached out for a bag containing about 11,000 naira and made away with it. 

The second time, he tried to steal a phone through the window but somebody in the room noticed it and raised alarm, so he bolted away. He came again the third time but this time, the landlord gave him a hot chase. After this incidence, the landlord proceeded to install barbed wire on his fence. However, to prevent this incidence here are some tips to consider:
1.      Do not place valuables close to your window. Phones, money, jewelries, bags, etc are easy targets.
2.      If possible, shut your window while you sleep
3.      Do not leave your light on because this might reveal what is inside
4.      Raise alarm if you observe any strange movement of objects. This was the case of a lady who, while inside the house, saw her bag moving slowly towards the window and she screamed. The thief ran away
5.      Do not leave any valuables inside your car unattended, this might attract a potential thief.
6.      If necessary, have a security dog
7.    Be security conscious at all times and don’t flaunt anything that will attract unrighteous persons.
 8.   If your tap suddenly starts flowing at night, be careful do not just rush out to stop it. Some thieves have used this ploy to deceive victims out of the house.
9. If you are able, install CCTV cameras in your house.
10. Organize a community watch(vigilante) in your area.
11. Take note of areas where the risk of robbery is high(flashpoints), and avoid them.
12. Avoid keeping late nights
13. Report any suspicious movements to security agents

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