The relationship between some landlords and tenants is strained. Of course this does not happen by chance or accident. A particular factor may have taken some time to develop to the extent that a landlord feels bad about his tenant. Just few years ago a barrister moved out of an apartment at Ugbighoko quarters, Benin City. The landlord entered the apartment(boys quarter) to inspect it and he melt a rude shock: the toilet was terribly dirty and messed up. This revealed that the barrister and his wife were the lazy and dirty type. 

Meanwhile, why they were occupying the apartment it was not possible for the landlord to go in and inspect it. In most cases, it is not possible to  pry into the privacy of tenants just to ensure that they are maintaining the apartment.

However, this landlord was yet to meet with another surprise. It was time to fix the apartment and clean it up thoroughly to pave the way for another tenant. So, he got a painter to change the look of the apartment and make it more attractive. After this, he placed a notice outside, that the apartment was open for rent. Although there were no tiles, many people stopped by to check it. Eventually, somebody paid for it( 48,000naira being rent for six months).

At this point the landlord decided to visit the Benin Electricity Distribution Company(BEDC) to verify the payment history of his previous tenant. To his greatest dismay, the official disclosed to him that there is six months uncleared bill. So it became terribly obvious that the barrister intentionally avoided payment of his light bill. The landlord went back home with great rage, and checked the meter properly. He discovered that the barrister had by-passed it. He had been consuming electricity without the meter reading, yet the landlord knew nothing about it. 

In other to prepare the meter for use by the new tenant, the landlord had one option: clear the bill. In view of this, the landlord tried to reach the barrister on phone but this resulted in serious argument. So much so that, the barrister issued threats. There was no way he could pin down the barrister to pay this bill. Therefore, the landlord made up his mind to pay the bill which amounted to 4500naira.

Over the years, this landlord had had a bad experience with various tenants. Most of the tenants left the apartment in bad shape: broken door knob, smashed Louvre, messed up toilet, destroyed shower and not to mention frequent cases of clash between the landlord and the tenant. Having reviewed his experience over the years, the landlord felt it would be better if he sold the house to have peace of mind. Till date, there is a conspicuous sign of ‘for sale’ in front of the building.
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