A lot of persons never think that the nature of their buildings and its environment affect their health. Indeed, good health is not just all about exercise, balanced diet, etc. It surprises me to see that people build without consideration to their health. Here are few areas to note:

1.      Fence: Avoid making fences as high as your roof, because this prevent good air current flowing in and out of your compound. Small fences enhances ventilation and thus promotes good health.
2.      Your space: Avoid building to occupy all your land space. Do not feel cramped in your own home. When you are not comfortable this could add to your stress level.
3.      Build a house you can maintain: Erecting gigantic structure with little maintenance culture can affect your health. Here you have many unused dusty rooms that provide a favorable breeding grounds for rodents and insects. Besides, big structures cost more to maintain. Whereas, it is easy to keep your house clean when it is small.
4.      Tress: Endeavour to plant tress in your compound. They provide a good shade for relaxation especially during hot weather. Also, tress help to purify the atmosphere around you. Seating under it can relax your nerves.
5.      Your environment: clean up your environment regularly and do not leave stagnant water around.
6.      Flooring of compound: people hardly sweep their compound just because it is floored. This makes it look dirty and slippery when it rains.   
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