The restroom is home to many disease-causing germs. Nothing is as annoying as a dirty toilet. That is why we try to keep things sanitary by helping ourselves with toilet seat covers. No matter how sparkling it may look, toilet seat has dangers: germs on it. Streptococcus,  staphylococcus and E.coli can be found there, but have a little chance of harming you.
The reason is that most organisms can only survive seconds on the toilet seat. In fact, they can't infect you unless they come in direct contact with your genital tract or through a cut or sore on your thigh or leg.
This is not to suggest that the toilet is not dangerous. Among others, toilet can cause broken hips, various injuries, and bruised buttocks if you miss your seat or if the cover slams. So you must take caution when you use the toilet to avoid accidents. Do not stand on the toilet seat.
On the other  hand, the biggest risk in bathroom has to do with getting germs on your hands when you touch a surface containing bacteria after getting up from the toilet seat. Germs may be found in the following areas: faucet handles, soap dispensers, sink surfaces, the flushing handle on the  toilet, the floor, the lock on the door. Indeed, studies at the University of Arizona show that  sinks are the worst place that breeds germs since the water keeps them alive. It sounds strange that the place you go to wash your hands might be the very place  that infects you.
From the foregoing, it is necessary to adhere to the highest cleaning standards if we must have a germ free toilet. Wash the bathroom and toilet regularly with disinfectants. This also prevents the bathroom from been slippery. You must also wash your hands thoroughly after using the toilet, this  habit you must inculcate in your children too. 

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