Some clients set themselves up for a fall. This is largely due to inexperience and greed—desiring that which is above their limit. Some communities have sold all their lands especially those along the road and may have a few left at the outskirt of the community. When a client enters such community, he is hardly turned down or told that there are no available land in their choice area. They try to take such client far inside. But in most cases the client will object going that far for a property and complaining bitterly about the distance.

In such a situation, the community leader would not want to lose the client. Hence, the client is taken to another person’s plot not far inside and is resold to the rather naive client. The community leader quickly pockets the money and goes home to relax while trouble incubates for the two owners. 
However, the truth becomes painfully obvious when the client resumes work on the site—perhaps preparing the plot for a foundation. The real owner of the plot emerges out of the blue and spits fire. Sometimes this leads to a violent clash. The duo then drags themselves to the community leader for resolution.
In handling such matter, the community leader takes the new client to another plot and most often where the client had initially objected to. The client, however, is left with no other choice but to accept it because right now he is at the verge of losing his entire money. This type of incidence has played out many times over.

If you need a property in a particular community, don’t go straight to the community town hall immediately but instead look for a competent agent in that area. Most likely the agent has a first hand information about anyone who wants to sell his plot. After showing you the plot, you can proceed to investigate the property. Otherwise, the community will take you to a property that has been left for a long time and in which the genuine owner might not resurface soon, and thus resell it to you. So be careful, don’t joke with your hard-earned money. Consult us and we will guide you through the entire process. In fact, click here to know more about us 
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