Hold tight to your seat else you might be blown off by this startling revelation. This incidence occurred a few years ago while I was yet to pick a career in real estate business. The story was narrated to me by a very close source. I must admit here that this was one of the inspiring stories that sparked my interest in the business.

Permit me to call the agent that hit the jackpot Joseph. He lives in Benin City, hustling everyday to make ends meet. At one time a popular hotel in the Government Residential Area was put up for sale. The marked price was N1billion. This sent agents into a scouting frenzy for potential buyers. My boss, too, had his adrenaline fired up. He had a photocopy of the title documents to the hotel. Eventually, he got a buyer who offered to pay N700million. Sadly, the seller refused to beat the price down. So, that potential buyer left.

Two months passed. Meanwhile, two other agents were also working round the clock to get a buyer. Fortunately, they got one that also offered N700million. With this same offer, the seller concluded N700million was the value of the property and perhaps no one would offer above that benchmark. Therefore, he accepted the bargain. Transaction went on smoothly. A lawyer drafted the necessary documents. As the transaction was sealed, the seller and buyer brought 5% commission each of the worth of the property. The total 10% commission amounted to N70million. The two agents split it equally. So, each went away with a whopping N35million. Can you imagine having such huge sum of money in your bank account? Certainly life would take on a new dimension for you. Now, if you were the one what would you do first? Drop your comments below.
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