Which of these gives you worry about your title deed?
a.       You don’t fully trust your children
b.      It is not safe from unauthorized persons
c.       Fire incidence is unpredictable

If any of the  options above apply to you, then you are not alone. Just recently I got a report about a man who used his sister’s house document as a pledge to secure a loan for a relative. Stories like this is disheartening.
However, here are ways people choose to store house deed:
Bank: Keeping your house deed in a bank is a good option. It limits access to it. The document is given or produced on request by the authorized person. In fact, your deed is safe here.
Solicitor/lawyer: Some people prefer to hand their title deed to a trusted lawyer. With this, they will have a relaxed mind knowing that their document is in safe hand.
AT home: This is probably the least secure place to keep the documents. It could be damaged by fire or flood or even stolen. If you must store it at home, then keep it in a safe with number lock or key. The key should be hidden from unauthorized persons. If possible the safe should be attached to something so that it cannot be carried away easily.
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