Investment in properties should be planned out thoroughly. Don’t rush
into  it, otherwise you will bite your finger later. Indeed, you have to study a lot of factors before you make a move and avoid regrets. Remember, you worked so hard to earn your money and won’t be wise to let it go down the drain in a single careless investment. Well, you can walk cautiously through this slippery terrain successfully if you consider the following steps carefully:

1.       Good access roads: this facilitates progress and rapid development in the nearest future. The truth is people like to move to such areas to settle down. People rush to buy properties or rent an apartment here too.
2.      Good topography or an area free  from erosion: this factor also attract a lot of people. Nobody wants to get stuck in erosion whenever it rains and certainly no one can fight back erosion single-handedly.
3.      Inter-state road passing through the community: this is known to bring in a lot of settlers

4.      Establishing major company in that area: if a multinational company is located in a community, it attracts fast development. For instance, in Gelegele community of Ovia North East local Government in Edo State has a big sea that could be used as a seaport. Whenever a seaport is located there, this will result in the boost of social-economic activities. Thus all communities (ugbighoko, Oghede, Igo, Urhoghogho, etc) will wake up with heavy economic activities thereby pushing up the value of properties in these areas. Also in Lekki Free Trade Zone, there is a high concentration of multinational companies. The rate of property appreciation in this part of Lagos is very high.
5.      Well organized and planned community: a community that is neatly mapped out and graded will surely increase rush to it. Also, it will help if it is free from greedy land speculators.
6.      Landlords with high Social status: when individuals with high social status( for example politicians and business tycoons) decide to buy and build houses in a particular area, this raises the prices of properties in this area.
7.      Establishment of a University: Properties surrounding a University tend to be priced higher than in other areas where this is absent.
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