The family unit is much more precious to allow anything to threaten its unity. Secrets and scandals often easily weaken trust, love and peace- the foundation of a successful family. In view of the foregoing, a spouse should not have a skeleton in its cupboard when carrying out a project. Unfortunately, most women prefer to build a house without their husband's knowledge.
A lady in Lagos did this. She built a  house from the scratch to the finish secretly. They were in rent, so after completing the house, the wife cleverly manipulated matters so that the husband paid to rent the house built by his wife. In fact, most houses men rent are determined by their wives.
The wife was able to carry out her plan perfectly through her agent who cooperated fully. They soon moved into the house. Two years passed, yet the husband didn’t know the landlady. To worsen the matter, the landlady increased the rent. The husband was carrying the heavy rent burden grudgingly. After few years there was another  increment. This time there was no hope of paying and so he received eviction threat. However, the wife came to his rescue and paid the rent. The husband could not hold back his excitement as he went about telling everyone how kind his wife was. After the rent expired there was yet another increment. This proved to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. The husband became very furious and sought to know the landlady but the agent would not disclose the identity. Not giving up, the husband tried whatever means to unravel the mystery, and behold the truth became known- his wife was the landlady. Ever since this startling revelation, the family had never remained the same.
Put yourself in the man’s shoes, what would you do upon this shocking revelation?
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