Erosion menace
Erosion is a menace. When rain falls, it projects a nagging feeling of insecurity especially for those whose houses are affected. Previously, I have written about the dangers of purchasing a property in erosion prone area. However, if by any reason you found yourself in such area all hope is not totally lost. You could do any or all of the following to reduce the impact:
1.      Raise the foundation level of your house: if the normal foundation level is 4 couches, endeavour to make yours 5 or 6 couches. This will, at least, prevent erosion from entering your house much later.
2.      Do not floor your compound: It is the common practice for landlords and landladies to floor their compound through different means- concrete, interlocking tiles, etc. This is not the best if erosion must be controlled. The ground around your compound should absorb certain amount of erosion instead of flowing out to accumulate elsewhere. Landlords in this same area should adhere to this recommended principle.
3.      Maintain the moat near you: moats are present in most communities in Benin City. They now serve the useful purpose of erosion control. For this reason, do not allow certain individuals to dump refuse inside it or perhaps level it and selling the space off.
4.      Create gutters: If at all possible create gutters to channel water through. Yes, create a course-way for erosion.
5.      Do not allow the sale or development of all the plots around you: some persons buy the surrounding plots and leave it undeveloped so as to control erosion.
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