You have to think deeply about the question above  if you stay in a place other than your hometown. This has become an issue because I have seen certain persons spend all their financial resources to build a house in their hometown, and in the long run,  they don’t relocate back home  to  stay there. The house then lie in waste while they remain a tenant in the city. This would not have been a problem if there  was money to build houses in different places.
I know a man in Lagos, who built a house in his hometown in Delta State. Although he is late now, his family are still in Lagos paying rent while their house remain unoccupied in the village. At certain  point they  had difficulty paying rent. Nevertheless, they still did not  move to the village where  they have a  free  accommodation. Perhaps they wondered how they  would survive in the village since they have been in Lagos for quite a long time.

The mistake the man made was building a house in the village when he could have purchased a land at the outskirt of Lagos, which was relatively cheap the time he took the project to the village.

Most people are  unconsciously deceived by the  time-worn cliché “no  place like home”. But is this really true? Certainly not. Where you have spent more than 10 years is already a  home to others. So, why can’t that same place be as good as your hometown? A lot of persons who have used their savings to build a house in their  hometown,  later discovered that they can’t stay there. 

Among others, some stay away from their newly built house  because of a relative who they believe is diabolic and evil. Some claim to experience mysterious tragic events. Therefore, they stay back in the city.

Conclusively, anywhere you have  spent a good number of years without fear of intimidation, harassment, civil unrest, terrorism and the like, should automatically become your home where you can spend the  rest of your life.
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