Quit notice is a term that describes a landlord's action that requires the tenant to vacate the premises or apartment before or upon the expiration of rent. In most cases, the action is initiated when the tenant is found wanting in one area or the other. 

Consider this scenario: John (not his real name), rented a 3 bedroom apartment at Ugbighoko. For a while, he lived in peace with his family and landlord. Along the line,  his brother-in-law sent money to his wife. John decided to borrow the money to care for certain urgent needs. When the family of his wife heard about what transpired, they became bitter and furious. Suddenly, their relationship turned sour.

They started harassing John, bringing different tugs to his house. This led to quarreling which degenerated to a fight. Crowds gathered in the compound in attempt to resolve the issue. But that was not the end. They brought in police to arrest John.
Meanwhile, the landlord watched these happenings with disgust and disappointment. Hence, he issued the tenant quit notice, and the tenant promptly complied.

Another situation that could lead to a quit notice is when tenants willfully keep late nights. A landlord once told me that he quit his tenant because the tenant had the habit of coming home at midnight. They would come in groups with girls to the apartment. A situation similar to a brothel.

In view of the foregoing, if you don’t want your landlord to quit you from his apartment, then by all means avoid the situation described above. Also, stay out of trouble, be peaceable and law-abiding.
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