A healthy dose of security consciousness is not out of place. The following are basic security steps which everyone likely abides by: locking your door when going  out, not leaving any item that would attract any unrighteous person, been wary or careful of strangers who are loitering around, etc.

However, some have taken security consciousness  too far. A visible evidence  is seen in the towering height of their fence. Others too have become  paranoid. In other words,  anybody hanging around is a potential criminal. Or perhaps  believing that everyone has evil intentions. This heightens their fear and feelings of insecurity. In view of this,  certain individuals go with escorts. Yes, fierce-looking, armed and battle ready  police or soldier.

On the contrary, only God guarantees security to those pure in heart and with clean  hands. Indeed, it is  quite obvious that those who have skeletons in  their cupboard would have every reason to secure themselves at all cost.

Nevertheless, there are a few steps you need to take to avoid attracting undue attention from unscrupulous elements:
1.       Be kind to everyone. Do not berate or treat anyone badly
2.       Be honest and fair in every business transaction. Do not sideline anyone
3.       Do not behave haughtily towards others, instead be humble and approachable
4.       Do not flaunt your wealth. This could draw attention to yourself
5.       Be generous. People in your community should know you as a cheerful giver
When people around you observe  these beautiful  traits in you, you probably would have  no reason to be paranoid.
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