You have worked hard  to  save some 
money. Now you want to
embark on a building project. But first,
you  need to acquire a land. You started to 
 scout for a land in a
good location. 
Perhaps, agents took you to
different lands marked for sale. You liked this particular one because it meets your requirement. At this 
 point, you are already considering how to make payment. Wait! Have you investigated the land? Hmm!
Don’t rush.  Consider the following steps wisely before heading to the bank.
1.       Ask the  seller to clear the land. Be there  to monitor it. Reason? The real owner might pop up and lay claim to that land if its not genuine. Or the caretaker of that land may chase away any unfamiliar  activity. In fact, anybody connected to that land will  raise alarm.
2.       Dig into the history of that land. Don’t accept, at face  value,  the  sellers assertion that he is the rightful owner until proven, by investigation, to be true. Request for the title documents   of the land. Why is this necessary? Among others, in the document, you will see the name of the  present owner(transferee) of the land and the previous  owner(transferor). With this information, you can begin investigation. Start this  way: ask neighbours about the real owner of that land. Neighbours are a good source  of information. The closest neighbor to the land will most likely know the real owner of the property or the status of the land, i.e whether it is under dispute or not.
3.       Consult the Odiowere or Enogie. You will also acquire useful  information from  them regarding the land since they live in that street  or community.
4.       Ask to see the relatives of the supposed  owner but don’t disclose your intention. Reason: family members could be fighting over the ownership, and one of them may be in  a hurry  to  sell it  off on behalf of others. Probe the relatives about the land, and they will give you first-hand  information.
5.       Do the unusual. Request that you want to start the building project before payment. If he agrees, let the work drag on for  sometime. Assure the seller that once there is no  evidence of dispute, you will then pay for the land. Know that the time you start working  on the land it will attract the attention of everyone, and  be approached if the land is under dispute or  subject to litigation. The kind of work you can start on the land includes clearing and removing stumps,  putting sand and  begin molding some blocks. Stretch this activity to provide opportunity for anyone to speak up regarding  the  land.

You are taking all the steps above for one singular reason- to confirm the genuiness of the land before you make payment. Whatever effort you put in, in this regard, is well worth it. It is far better to spend some time investigating, and sleep peacefully thereafter than  to hurriedly pay for the land and have many sleepless nights.
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