Land struggle  can best be described as a situation where two or more people cling to or lay claim to a particular property. Each person believing strongly that he is the rightful owner of the said property. In some cases, this situation is initiated when greedy land speculators sell the same property to multiple buyers using the same title documents.
In other cases, family members could be the gladiators in the epic fight.

Whatever the case, the battle-line is drawn, such that intense hatred for the other is developed wherein evil plans are concocted. Evil plot to harm the other so as to be the sole owner becomes a target. This step may take different approach: physical attack or downright spiritual or diabolical attack. As in the first, there is physical fight between the two factions – cold war. In this case, the use of machetes, destruction of properties or guns are rampant leading to the loss of lives. This was the case in many communities.

Sadly, some take their fight to another  realm.  They employ diabolical means and the use of charm to achieve this. In this regard, many opponents have been known to have developed sudden illness and died mysteriously as a result of land struggle. Lets not shy away from this- it happens. But then, don't panic! If your hands are clean, take refuge in the Most High God. And no weapon formed against you shall prosper, according to Isaiah 54: 17.

The reign of terror and oppression is gradually giving way to justice since the new Oba ascended the throne. Remember, the hail days of Community Development Association have come to an end. This means that no more community chairman or irate youths breathing threats down your neck. So, If someone is dragging your land with you, and is bent on harming you, don’t worry. The great Oba, Oba Ewuare II, has set up a mediation panel headed by himself to preside over such issues, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Just take your cry to the palace and you are sure to get justice- real justice. All hail the king!
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