Most landlords/landladies often ignore warning signs of danger. Mrs. Osahon was an example in this regard. Sometime ago, there was an electric pole in front of her house that was no longer strong to withstand wind or the pressure on it. It was bent, an indication that if nothing was done to it to replace it then it will collapse someday. 

Each time I look at it, I am reminded of an impending doom. Many times, I told her to buy another pole to replace it. But she said other landlords who are supposed to contribute financially for the project have shown no interest to do so. I realized she was telling the truth. But then I asked her to go ahead with the project because of the danger it poses. She had the money to do it but simply refused. I reassured her that others will definitely contribute later.
Then I decided to lay the matter to rest. One fateful Friday, it rained heavily. It was accompanied by heavy winds. The pole finally broke. I was angry. What I forewarned had finally happened. Worst still there was electricity when this occurred. The live wire fell inside the pool of water close to it. Great danger was lurking around.
The landlady quickly took her son and ran away from the house, thereby exposing others to the danger. The luck she had was that no children passed through there  at that moment. Otherwise, there would have been a casualty.
The next day, the other landlords contributed their money so as  to purchase a new pole.
1.       What advice do you have for the landlady?

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