Landlords  are becoming more proactive these days. Having had unpleasant experience with a tenant in the past, they don’t want to be caught unaware again. A landlady at Ugbighoko decided to hand her house over to a lawyer even though she occupies the first flat while the other is for tenant. The reason why she did this was because her previous and first tenant messed up her apartment. Worse still, she inherited a light bill from the tenant. She concluded that if a lawyer was in charge, then she could effect certain action, the lawyer brought out a tenancy agreement with a long list of dos and don'ts.
1.       The tenant shall carry out periodic sanitation/normal routine maintenance
2.       The property shall be solely for residential purpose
3.       The tenant shall be responsible for the payment of utility and other necessary rates
4.       The use of Generator shall not exceed 10:00pm at night
5.       The tenant should not unreasonably over crowd the premises with relatives and friends
6.       Any unreasonable wear and tear caused by the tenant must be repaired before the tenant leaves the house if he chooses to do so.
7.       The tenant shall not assign, sub-let, let or part with the possession of the property to or remove from the said premises any furniture.
8.       When the tenant elopes for a period exceeding 3 months without handing over the keys, the landlord shall apply to court to force open the door to regain possession.
The list is endless. Wait a minute! How do you feel about these commandments? If you were subjected to these conditions would you go ahead to rent the apartment? Please your opinion matters to us. View our properties listed for sale here:

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