Have you ever thought of building a duplex? That would be a good idea. Having an elegantly built duplex reflecting the glory of a palace is certainly a dream you can’t wait to fulfill.

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However, do not let your desire to becloud your sense of judgment and calculation. Here are a  few walk-through:

1.      Consider the cost: It is more expensive to build a duplex than a 2 flat. Some who have a budget for a 2 flat have undertaken to build a duplex only to get stuck on the way. They realize along the line  that plenty rods will be used from foundation to the decking. This alone will have a heavy drain on your budget. In a nutshell, building a duplex is expensive.

2.      It is for your family only: It is difficult to rent out part of the duplex if you desperately need some money from rent. That is the structure.  You need to bear this in mind.

3.      When the children leave home: The apartment may become too big for you and your wife when your children leave home for school, marriage or other reasons.

4.      Think about the maintenance: Some have found it difficult to regularly keep their duplex clean and in good shape.

5.      Think far ahead: When old age or sickness beckons, it will become increasingly difficult to ascend or descend the stairway with ease.
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