Based on our last article, you spend more when you fail to hire an architect, we talked about the complications of not hiring an architect. This article is focused on the reason you should trust the architect or trained building designer with your future home. This article is focused on the process, steps that are involved in the design process. The truth is “a well-conceived design leads to a high quality design".

This article discusses the major steps that are involved in the design process.
This phase involves thorough and systematic evaluation of interrelate values, goals, facts and needs of the clients and surrounding community.During this process, the architect will gather information on your building site, existing home (if it’s a renovation or remodeling project) this would help both the client and the architect/designer to get the scope, features and functionality of your building. (This process is also called brief taking). You will be asked to consider what you will want both aesthetically and functionally of your home, what are the indoor and outdoor space requirement. Or the  movement and interactions with those who will be living in and visiting your home. Answers to this would enable the architect to design a home or building specifically for you.An analysis is also conducted on the site to help the architect know the content of the site. This analysis also help architect to make a good environmentally friendly design that consumes less energy, and is highly efficient.

Once the requirement of the project is determined via the programming process, the design phase begins. The architect gives shape to your vision through drawings or sketches which may include bubble diagram, sketches flow chart diagram and then the building sketches where the building takes shape. All of this is done while considering the site. These sketches include massing, floor plans, elevations, sections, details, wall section, models



 2.1 Bubble diagram showing the arrangement of spaces in a home.    
 2.2 Turning the bubble diagram into building sketches and spaces are defined.

We, Chidi Property and builders, prepare a preliminary evaluation of the program schedule and construction budget developed in the predesign phase and prepares schematic design drawings illustrating the project to review with the owner. The client’s input in this phase is vital, as you get the first glimpse and then a more defined look at how your building would take shape. It is important to establish a clear decision-making process with your architect during this phase. Once approved by the client, drawings at this stage are usually sufficient to initiate any neighborhood review process. If you are working with a builder, at this point in the process, you would need to discuss a preliminary estimate of construction with the builder early enough.

The beginning of Design Development is a logical extension of schematic design. Design Development build on the approved schematic design to reach a level of completeness that demonstrates the project can be built. The schematic design is overlaid with more detailed information obtained from consultant and team members throughout this process, it is important to evaluate how systems, material selections, preliminary structure, and detailing reflect the schematic design concept. The design team works out detailed coordination issues while enhancing the project, so that major revisions are not needed during construction or documentation. At this point, your architect will prepare to scale floor plans and building elevations for initial review and approval. This is a part of the process where dreams get fleshed out into the 3 dimensional form of your home.
Although your involvement will take time and numerous decisions must be made, working with your architect/designer should be a fun and rewarding experience. You are encouraged to review your plans --- to virtually live in them at different times of the day. Spending considerable time contemplating your design now during the earlier stages of the process, will save time and expenses later. As a note of caution, significant changes made after approval of the DD(design development) during the construction drawing phase, may warrant additional fees. Once construction has commenced, changes made to the design (especially those involving structural component of the building) can be quite costly; so make sure to speak up and voice your opinion before moving to the next phase of design. The process will continue after approval of progress to this point.

1.      STEP4: WORKING DRAWINGS: In this process we prepare drawings suitable for permit and construction. These drawings are referred to as construction drawings. These drawings are instrument of communicating the project to those who will be involved in the construction of the building, the construction drawings set the parameters for the building process.

Construction drawings are produced on a larger scale and described in detail the component of your building that need to be fabricated and assembled in ordered for it to be built. Tasks include developing the remaining elevations, sections, site plans and beginning structural analysis as it relates to architecture. During this phase we meet with consultants such as Engineers, interior designers, Landscape, electrical Engineers, HVAC, quantity surveyors etc, making sure of a complete coordinated set of information for construction. The architect and other professionals involved in the process also give construction instructions in specifications, which describe the materials to be used, construction method, the quality of workmanship required, the specific tools to be used, type of finishes to be given to a specific surface in the building.

1.     STEP5: CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION:This is usually the final phase of our job. This final job include the selection of contractors, site inspection/supervision to make sure that the building being constructed is in line with the drawings, answering contractor’s questions as it relates to construction, providing sketches and amendment as needed. Giving progressive report to the client; and commissioning the building to the client.

I have explained in detail the entire processes it takes from scratch to the finish in getting that dream and magnificent building from your mind onto paper and off into reality. Yes, from concept to design. Just tell us what you want and we will create a mental picture of the design and compare it with your taste and requirement. Even on paper, we help you see the exact prototype of a real building. We help you imagine it, live in it, make necessary adjustment until you are 100% satisfied. Then we bring it to reality. 

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