Beautiful apartment with all the necessary modern facilities such as heater, glittering tiles, screed walls with P.O.P, charming chandeliers, all master bedrooms, foreign ward-rope, expensive kitchen cabinet, interlocking  compound, swimming pool, security post,  etc , appeals to everyone. However,  not everyone can afford it.
Those who can afford it at present do so at the expense of  having their own building.

Obviously, this kind of apartment with such  pleasant facilities, when located in the heart of the city comes with a huge price. Using Benin City as a case study, such apartment(3bedroom) could range between N500,000 to N700,000 annually. This varies appreciably in  big cities  in Nigeria. In fact, it could run into millions of naira.

I have observed, with concern, that most individuals who can afford this apartment,  do not have any plan to own a building. Interestingly, you can get a plot of land in other areas  of Benin City for the same  price  of their rent.

Indeed, when they  consider the  stress and process, and  their inability to build a house to their current  taste and  standard, they take the easy way out: just keep paying rent and enjoy all the  facilities. This is the  life of many including some public figures. They prefer to rent than build because   of the  aforementioned reasons.

Sometimes though, circumstances change causing financial strain. Some move out of such expensive apartment and then face reality—they have wasted funds they could have used to build their own. Yes, squandered their hard-earned money on “rented luxury”.

Even if you have the money to go for tastefully and exquisitely designed apartment, I advise you go for less,  so that you can save up some money to build your own house. Gradually, you will have your dream house. Remember, it  all begins with a  good plan, determination  and a willingness to forego perceived comfort  from expensive  apartment.
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