Great relief is in  sight for property owners and prospective buyers. The Edo State House of Assembly have taken another bold step to address a nagging problem in the State. “We want to reduce or eliminate the  cumbersome nature associated with the acquisition of properties in the  State”, said one of the lawmakers.

Just last year,  community Development Association was scrapped. Sequel to this, a  bill for a law to computerize lands or properties is been considered. This is quite cheering because of  the significant benefits for all: property owners, buyers and  agents.

THE BENEFITS: once the law  is passed, all lands and properties will be on record as per the legitimate owner, the size, the location and all other necessary details. With this detailed and computerized information, all and sundry would  have no reason to worry about their property. For instance,  if  you are a land owner, you would not fear that someone  would encroach  on your land or if  something like that happens, you are still the  legitimate owner of  it with valid proofs. Thus very  easy to  kick out  the intruder. In fact, you have  a legal backing for  your ownership.

Also, with the available computerized information, prospective buyers can easily carry out  a thorough  investigation and get a satisfactory result  before proceeding with  the purchase of the  said property. In other words, everyone can source for information about the genuine owner of a property  at any given time.

Real  Estate Agents too,  would not fear falling victim to dubious property owners. It would be easy to sell property fast and make cool cash.  That idea is quite pleasant. I say this because just recently we could not sell a  particular  property because we were unable to ascertain the genuine owner of the land. The history was not clear, so we withdrew from the transaction. The proposed computerization of lands and properties will solve this problem.

When the  law  is  passed, all property owners would be required to come forth  and prove their  ownership and any lingering dispute regarding the true ownership of any property would be laid to rest. Before you can be certified  as the  genuine  owner, thorough investigation is sure to be carried out.

Furthermore, naming of  streets and numbering of houses would also be carried out. These are wonderful developments in the horizon. Very  soon, buying of properties in  Edo State  would  become as easy as going to the  market to buy food  stuffs.

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