How a Family Resold a Property

It seems this drama playing out for over eight months would not come to an end soon. The characters or better still culprits have mastered the evil art of deception. Let me remind you that this article is sequel to (or a follow-up to)  the previous article entitled: Investigate property properly and avoid palaver”. If you haven’t read it, try to do so in other to get a better picture of the situation.

On Property: The New Rules of Investing

Is the rule really new? No and yet yes! This may be a funny response but in the real sense it’s the truth. The rule has been in existence since man discovered the relevant nature of real estate. Famous minds and the greatest investors in real estate have been secretly applying the principle. Yes, it’s not something anyone would blab about freely. Most of these great minds discovered the golden secret after many years of labourious investing, losing and winning and ultimately getting to know the secret.

Buy Property Now - Why and How?

You may be wondering  why am giving such advice at this critical period characterized by a cloud of recession. Without missing words, this is the right time to begin investing in property. In the past, Robert Kiyosaki(the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad) took advantage of recession to invest massively in real estate, and he got fantastic rewards! If you are still wondering why he did it, then draw your sit closer and note the reasons.