How a Family Resold a Property

It seems this drama playing out for over eight months would not come to an end soon. The characters or better still culprits have mastered the evil art of deception. Let me remind you that this article is sequel to (or a follow-up to)  the previous article entitled: Investigate property properly and avoid palaver”. If you haven’t read it, try to do so in other to get a better picture of the situation.

I called the buyer of the said plot measuring 50 x 100ft located off Amadasun in Ugbighoko quarters, Upper Ekenwan road, Benin City. He said he had not been able to take possession of his property. I was shocked, so I inquired further. He acknowledged that the head of the mediating party instructed him to provide the seller before he could commence any project on the site. 

The problem was that my buyer was clashing with another buyer. In all, there were three buyers on the same plot. My buyer was able to settle with one of them amicably. So he decided to commence work on the site. But the mother, who is like the proverbial tortoise in fairy tales, prevented him from working, insisting that my buyer must settle her. My buyer was forced to part with 40,000 naira. Having done this my buyer felt the coast was clear. But when he mobilized workers to site,  another buyer surfaced claiming ownership. Ah, what an unexpected twist of drama!

If this was a WAEC or JAMB exam, they would ask: Suggest a suitable title for this drama. So I had to chose between “Family plots together to resell a plot” and "How a Family Resold a Property". Hmm! This seems to be a perfect one as you follow through as the drama unfolds. 

The main character whose real name is Raymond(but now on the run), approached his neighbor that he wanted to sell his property. The neighbor (name withdrawn on purpose because he was lured into their ploy), decided to get a buyer. Raymond's mother pleaded with the neighbor to sign the witness column. He obliged. The mother, the evil genius or the mastermind, knew what she was doing. She tried to obscure her involvement in the transaction and indicted the so-called witness.

All these took place without my knowledge. At one time the buyer asked me to visit the site for him. I did. I discovered that work was done on it. I called my client about it and he said he was not the one. Meanwhile, before now when my client's engineer mobilized workers to site, they were prevented from working. They were told someone had bought the place. The engineer collected the guy’s number that brought a buyer to the place. When I met the engineer, he narrated all that happened. So I collected the number from him.

I got across to him using the number. He confirmed the purported transaction. This sent chill down my spine. So, we contacted the Odionwere. He said the case had to be resolved before we could commence work there. He instructed my client to bring the person(Raymond) that sold to him. As I write this article, Raymond is no where to be found. His cell phone is not getting through. Our task now is how to locate him in his hideout. Also, his mother is on the run. We are going to devise a plan to nab them!

More update on this matter will come your way once there is a substantial development. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, please suggest how i could trail/track and arrest Raymond and his mother.

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