Abraham Lincoln once said: “The best way to predict the future is to create it”.  This is an ever true statement applicable in all spheres of life. Flood is gradually becoming a Nigerian reality and Edo state as a case study.
According to NiMet prediction, “a normal to above normal’ rainfall is expected generally with an early false start.’’

About Chidi Property

Welcome to the right place. Get informed. Act. Chidi Property is a real estate broker. Chidi Property is based in Benin City, Edo State.
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We invest a lot of time and energy digging deep into the reasons responsible for the risk factors in real estate business. We take a microscopic view on the risk element and later zoom in on it and tread cautiously. In view of this, any would-be seller is thoroughly screened. We try to discern his intentions. We examine critically and objectively the authenticity of any document tendered. This way, we stop any deceptive seller on the tracks. Learn more about us:
  1. Any transaction with us always results in a win-win situation
2. We dig deep into the history of any property in our custody
3. We carry out extensive investigation and confirmation of the ownership of the
property handed to us.

Why You Need a Competent Contractor Or Property Consultant

Times are hard, the economy is biting harder; that is why you have to plan carefully and make wise use of your resources or hard-earned money. The first thing you should do if you plan to build a house, is to consult a competent property consultant or contractor.

Urgent Land Sale, Benin City

100ft x 200ft in Benin – Agbor road before the bypass, along the express.
Price: N17M asking 

Ideal Land For Sale, Benin City

 100ft x 200ft along the express, Eyaen bypass, close to Ahor Park.
Price: N25M asking


100ft x 200ft along the express in Eyaen bypass. Has 8 stores generating N768,000 annually.

Price: N15M asking