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Chidi Property is a group of highly enthusiastic, purpose-driven real estate agents determined to satisfy clients' needs as far as property is concerned. We are moving rapidly to dominate real estate business and make our voice to be heard louder than the others in the same field. We are quite unique in the way we go about our business, having realized that clients have different concerns and taste in their choice of property. We have also been known to go the extra mile in making sure that clients are duly satisfied.

We have a keen understanding of our clients needs by seeing the situation through their eyes and guiding them carefully to make non-regrettable decision. In the past, we struggled to make our voice heard, but now we make a bold effort to step out into limelight commanding people’s attention.

Our vision is to be a household name and to be a one-stop option for clients searching for desirable property.


To gradually spread and entrench our network in all parts of Edo State and beyond. And to thoroughly satisfy our clients in recognition of the fact that they are potential promoters of our business through favourable word of mouth. We have established performance standards to enable us measure our progress towards the attainment of our vision.


1. Any transaction with us always results in a win-win situation
2. We dig deep into the history of any property in our custody
3. We carry out extensive investigation and confirmation of the ownership of the
property handed to us.
4. We work with a cutting-edge attorney that assists in processing legal documents
5. We steer clear of properties that are under disputes.
6. We engage neighbours, landlords and community leaders in attempt to assist in
investigating the true ownership of properties
7. We critically examine all documents relating to a property to make sure it is authentic
8. We address clients fears and concerns by making sure they get genuine property
9. We get feedback from clients to ensure continued satisfaction.
10. We render a sincere assistance to inexperienced clients by giving them a proper orientation so as to make the best choice of property.
11. We have built up a track record of honesty, integrity and always engaging in trouble-free transaction
12. We enjoy a favourable report from satisfied clients.

WE are just a call away 07054107283, 07031384722

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