This advice may sound absurd to many minds. I write this article based on careful observation and analysis of trends in many areas where there are a lot of jobless youths hanging around, and in which there are a few wealthy people. This scenario paints a better picture. Mr John(not his real name) lives in a particular community. Somewhere around the community, is a special spot where several boys assemble together to smoke and drink. The area is notorious for frequent cases of burglary attacks and robbery incidence. 

In an attempt not to fall victim, John decided to make friends with the youths. In most cases, he would buy them a cartoon of beer upon seeing a cluster of any such youths. With time, John was able to win their hearts.
On one faithful night, some thieves wanted to break into John’s apartment. They had started cutting through the window already. One of them realized that it was John’s house and they decided to abandon their mission and left. John heard their conversation and was relieved. From that time onward, he realized that his strategy had worked and was never troubled again.
Whether you like it or not, if you live in that kind of environment, your movement is monitored. These youths know, if possible, everyone in that community. If somebody moves in or out they are also aware. They probably know when you leave the house to work, and when you return. In some cases, when they are terribly broke they get involved in different vices. They could invite friends from another area to carry out robbery and the spoil and plundering are divided. From the scenario above, these jobless youths could be your enemies or serve as a security for your house depending on whether you pay homage to them or not.
From the foregoing, if you are one of the few rich men in your area then you are like a big fish in a small pond. If you give back to the society and are generally nice to everyone you will likely not have much problems. Otherwise, you could be an easy target.
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