Abandoned Project

Going round, I have observed with surprise, how roofing project is abandoned on the way. It is left there for a long time without putting zinc or aluminum roofs on it. the wood is exposed to the blazing heat of the sun and the pouring rain.
These activities of the weather on the skeletal wood structure of the roof greatly reduce the strength of the wood. If this happens for a long time, the wood comes apart and collapses.
You may wonder why somebody will abandon his project halfway after spending colossal amount of money on it. Some fundamental reasons may be responsible for this:
1.      Improper planning: with building on a roofing level, it is easy for one to decide to put roof on it immediately when you have some money. With excitement, you go straight to buy wood and call carpenters to start work on it. As the wood structure of the roofing nears completion, you realize you have run out of cash to proceed further. Hence, the project is abandoned till uncertain future date. This leads to the outcome described at the outset.
2.      Lack of discipline: some who lack discipline have unwittingly spent part of the money earmarked for the project on non-essential things. In other words, some people spend on the go, and lack the ability to stay committed to the project.
3.      Unforeseen happening: accidental circumstances sometimes cause the diversion of money meant for the project.

It is wrong to subject building projects or roofing to whims. You need to know that the cost is high to put a roof on your building(say 2 flats). Therefore, you need proper consultation before you take the first step. Get your estimation right: cost of wood and roofing sheets(whether zinc or aluminum) as well as the cost for labour to finish the job. Only after this should you begin the project. Call 07031384722 for a consultation. View the list of properties for sale here: www.facebook.com/propertytycoons

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