Where to Buy Properties in Benin City(And Places to Avoid)


If there is a cluster of high profile figures, celebrities, businesses etc in a particular area it is a nice indication that you can settle in that environment. The rate of appreciation of properties here is high.

Before you buy a property, survey the environment thoroughly to have some knowledge of the kind of people you are going to live with later.


If the street is littered with dirt, debris or if part of the street is used as a refuse dump, where as there is a waste management in that area to address that issue but the people simply refused to comply. Live among this people and you are going to have a lot of headaches. The people would find it difficult to cooperate to bring meaningful development to the area.

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Check the houses in that area, watch out for these signs: broken windows, dirty compounds, people clustering around to smoke and drink when they should be working, gutters or drainage system filled with garbage.


Live in this kind of environment, you will have difficulties bringing your life to order. Even your children may absorb some of the traits in that environment.

What kind of house do you want to build?

Duplex, 4flats, Bungalow, 2flats?

If you build a massive duplex in an environment of old 2flats, passage house, or generally very low income earners then you have made yourself a big fish in a small pond.


People will continue to admire, quite unnecessarily your duplex(which in your own opinion is nothing compared to others elsewhere). If you are the only rich man in that neighborhood, there is a problem.

Apply this general rule “If you are an eagle then soar with the eagles not chickens”. The sky is big enough for all eagles  to explore.

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