House for Sale: 3Bedroom Bungalow


Standard house of 3bedroom bungalow in Okhokhugbo Community, Egor LGA, Benin City. It is fenced, and floored. It has good interior finishing. See the VIDEO here


1. Why is the owner selling?. He wants to complete another project elswhere

House for sale 3bedroom bungalow in okhokhugbo

2.Is it accessible? It has different access roads  to choose from. For example, you can pass through Siluko road via Igbinaduwa or Police barracks. You can also pass through Evbuotubu. Better still you may choose to pass through Ugbighoko in Ekenwan road via Leaders college road.

3.Is it genuine? Absolutely legit and genuine. Have no worries, buy and sleep with peace of mind. Remember to thank me later when you start enjoying it.

4. How much? Its 8M

5.How do I reach you? Call or whatsapp 07031384722, 07054107283.

6. Can I see the VIDEO? WATCH IT ON YOUTUBE here

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32flats for sale in Sapele Road, Benin City

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Standard 3Bedroom bungalow in Evboriaria, off Sapele road, Benin City. The property is on 900sqm (100ft by 100ft). Its all ensuite, it has two sitting rooms, a bar, etc. At the back of the bungalow is a bedsitter. In fact, the bungalow is in a quiet and serene environment.

How Much? 35m asking

House for sale 3bedroom bungalow in sapele road

Why is the owner selling? He wants to relocate.

What is the title? It has the following documents: Approval, Deed of Transfer, and Registered Survey

Does erosion affect the property ? No

Is the property accessible?  The property has different linking roads, you can pass through Evbabogun road, or the street beside Winners Church, Sapele road, Benin City.


Description: An uncompleted 3bedroom ensuite bungalow

Location: Okhoruomi community, Off Airport road Benin City.

Size: On 80ft x 100ft. Price: 8.5m

House for sale, 3bedroom bungalow

Why you should Buy this House

1. Its not far from Ohen's house in okhoruomi.

2. The land and house are free from disputes

3. Owner is selling because he needs money, so the price is fare. The value of land in that area(Ohen tarred road in Okhoruomi) is 6m to 7m for a plot. And the house sells for 8m net price.

4. The location is strategic and serene.

5. The value of land appreciates fast

Watch the video of the house here 

Call or whatsapp: 07054107283


Uncompleted 6Bedroom Duplex in Okabere, Off Sapele road, Benin City.

Size of land: on 100ft by 200ft

House for sale 6bedroom duplex in sapele road

Price: 60M

Why you should buy this house

1. Its very close to the Okabere tarred road

2. The house can be used for either residential or commercial purposes.

3. The land and house are genuine

4. The road is easily accessible

Watch the video of the house here

Call or whatsapp: 07054107283

House For Sale

3Flats for Sale in Ekewan Road, Benin City

Watch the video here

Description: 3flats consist of 3units of 2bedroom and a bedsitter. Its on 450sqm or 50ft x 100ft. It has different linking roads. Its actually at Ugbighoko quarters, upper Ekenwan road.

Price: 15million asking

Call/Whatsapp: 07031384722

House for sale 3flats in Ekenwan road


Is the house affected by flood? No

Is the house genuine? Yes

Is the house under litigation? No

Is the road to the house motorable? Yes

HOUSE FOR SALE: 5Bedroom Ensuite Bungalow

Description: Standard 5bedroom ensuite bungalow, with spacious rooms, furnished, tastefully finished. Watch the video here

Size: On 900sqm

For sale 5bedroom ensuite bungalow in ugbor central

Location: Ugbor Central, GRA, Benin City.

Price: 60m

Contact: 07031384722

Buy now, thank me later


DESCRIPTION: 3flats(3,2,2bedrooms)

SIZE: On 50 x 120ft

Price: 15m asking

House for sale in upper mission extension

Title: Approval, Deed, Registered building plan, and Survey

Note: It has different linking roads and in a good neighborhood. You may decide to carry out maintenance on the roof.

See the video

HOUSE FOR SALE: 4Flats in Isihor

4flat for sale in Isihor Benin Lagos road
Description: 4Flats, 3bedrooms each

Size: 50 x 100

Location: Along the tarred road in Isihor, Benin Lagos road.

Price: 40m asking

HOUSE FOR SALE: 3Bedroom bungalow

3bedroom bungalow for sale in ogunwenyi, Ugbor
Description: Its a 3bedroom ensuite bungalow

Size: 60ft x 170ft

Location: Ogunwenyi, Ugbor, GRA, Benin City

Price: 16m


House for sale 4flat sapele road bypass
Description: 4flats, 2bedroom each.

Size: On 50 x 100

Location: Ogua Community, by Chinese Steel Company, Sapele road bypass

Price: 15M


Description: 4flats, consists of 2bedrooms each

Size: 50ft x 100ft

House for sale in Amagba 4flats

Location: In Amagba, GRA, Benin City

Price: 85m

Note: The house was built to standard with superior interior finishing and fully occupied with tenants. Buy this property and enjoy real cash flow from the tenants.

HOUSE FOR SALE: Uncompleted 4bedroom Bungalow

Uncompleted bungalow for sale in Amagba
Location: Amagba GRA, Benin City

Size: 100 x 100

Price: 20m asking

Call/whatsapp: 07031384722

Note: The house was built with quality materials. The new owner will definitely enjoy this property because its situated in a serene environment. Buy and fix. The beauty of the house will radiate when good finishing is applied.


Description: It's 4flats of 3bedroom each, all masters.

House for sale 4flat in country home sapele road

Location: Country Home road by Divine wisdom

Size: The land space is 100 x 100

Price: 60m asking


Location: Benin Auchi Road, Iguovbiobo

Description: It's a 2flat upstairs, along the express in Iguovbiobo community, after the bypass, Benin Auchi road, Benin City.

2flat house for sale in Benin Auchi Road

Price: 35m

Size: on 50 by 100

Note: Since the house is along the road, it will be more relevant for commercial purpose.


Description: 2flats consisting of 4bedroom and 3bedroom.

House for sale in Aduwawa

Location: Aduwawa by NTA, and close to the road

Size: On 70ft by 120ft

Price: 13m asking

Call 07031384722.

NOTE: The video of the house is above, click to watch.

The house is still in good shape, the compound is floored and fenced. Buy this house today and enjoy the closeness to the road. 


Location: Along Medical store road, New Benin , Benin City, Edo state.

House for sale in New Benin

Description: The house is made up of 10 rooms, and along the tarred road. It could be used for a commercial purpose. Such building, when maintained could be a nice guest house or a good structure for schools. The building can also be used for a hospital. The location is strategic.

House for sale in New Benin, side view
Size: 50 by 100

Price: 19m asking

Call 07031384722


Location: Off Okabere, Sapele road, Benin City

Description: The house is an uncompleted 4flat consisting of 3 units of 2bedroom and 1unit of room and parlour selfcontained.

House for sale in sapele road Benin city
Size: 50
x 100

Price: 8m

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