Most landlords/landladies often ignore warning signs of danger. Mrs. Osahon was an example in this regard. Sometime ago, there was an electric pole in front of her house that was no longer strong to withstand wind or the pressure on it. It was bent, an indication that if nothing was done to it to replace it then it will collapse someday. 

Each time I look at it, I am reminded of an impending doom. Many times, I told her to buy another pole to replace it. But she said other landlords who are supposed to contribute financially for the project have shown no interest to do so. I realized she was telling the truth. But then I asked her to go ahead with the project because of the danger it poses. She had the money to do it but simply refused. I reassured her that others will definitely contribute later.
Then I decided to lay the matter to rest. One fateful Friday, it rained heavily. It was accompanied by heavy winds. The pole finally broke. I was angry. What I forewarned had finally happened. Worst still there was electricity when this occurred. The live wire fell inside the pool of water close to it. Great danger was lurking around.
The landlady quickly took her son and ran away from the house, thereby exposing others to the danger. The luck she had was that no children passed through there  at that moment. Otherwise, there would have been a casualty.
The next day, the other landlords contributed their money so as  to purchase a new pole.
1.       What advice do you have for the landlady?


Tough argument between landlords and tenants is a common experience. More often than not, landlords are hardly aware of the damage done to their property until the tenant  packs out. Some tenants when moving out leave a lot of debris behind for the landlord to clear away. They wont even sweep the apartment. Is this right? Please put yourself in the shoe of the landlord and you will realize is not a fine idea at all.
Indeed, you are supposed to clean up as you leave. But this is not the case with most tenants. In fact, as landlord inspects property, he sees walls battered with holes, door knob broken, toilet in bad state, the floor of the bathroom covered with scum, the environment hardly ever swept. Heck! The list is endless.
The landlord then spends his money to effect maintenance on the property. In one case, the landlord had to clear the outstanding 6 months light bill of a previous tenant.
1.       IF you were a landlord, what would you do to avoid tenants destroying your property?
2.       How do you handle a rough and dirty tenant?
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The truth is blown open! To protect the interest of buyers I have taken the pain to dig into the reasons why some community leaders decide to sell one plot to three persons. Some communities are very notorious in this practice. Unwary buyer meets a land speculator. He takes the client to a particular plot owned by another person. The buyer purchases it, and goes away feeling satisfied. One week later, the plot is cleared. The buyer wants to start working on the site immediately.
He lays the foundation to DPC level. When he comes back to site the next day, he is shocked to see that the foundation has been destroyed. The battle lines have been drawn. Then the land speculator comforts you by taking you to another plot. Still, the same thing happens.
1.       You left the plot for a long time, without developing it.
2.       The surrounding plots have been developed
3.       Your plot has appreciated so much
4.       They want to make much money from that same plot
5.       No other free lands to sell
6.       Some land speculators rely solely on the business to make a living
With these factors in mind they continue to envy your plot. By the time they sell it, they make so much money. They will now take you to the outskirt of the community. If you arrest them, they are released immediately. Most of them are friends to the police.
1.       Consult the experts before buying.
2.       Do not do it alone.
3.       We know those communities and persons who do such a thing, and we stay clear from them.
4.        We take you to genuine property
5.       Be wise. Let us guide you through the entire process
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Landlords  are becoming more proactive these days. Having had unpleasant experience with a tenant in the past, they don’t want to be caught unaware again. A landlady at Ugbighoko decided to hand her house over to a lawyer even though she occupies the first flat while the other is for tenant. The reason why she did this was because her previous and first tenant messed up her apartment. Worse still, she inherited a light bill from the tenant. She concluded that if a lawyer was in charge, then she could effect certain action, the lawyer brought out a tenancy agreement with a long list of dos and don'ts.
1.       The tenant shall carry out periodic sanitation/normal routine maintenance
2.       The property shall be solely for residential purpose
3.       The tenant shall be responsible for the payment of utility and other necessary rates
4.       The use of Generator shall not exceed 10:00pm at night
5.       The tenant should not unreasonably over crowd the premises with relatives and friends
6.       Any unreasonable wear and tear caused by the tenant must be repaired before the tenant leaves the house if he chooses to do so.
7.       The tenant shall not assign, sub-let, let or part with the possession of the property to or remove from the said premises any furniture.
8.       When the tenant elopes for a period exceeding 3 months without handing over the keys, the landlord shall apply to court to force open the door to regain possession.
The list is endless. Wait a minute! How do you feel about these commandments? If you were subjected to these conditions would you go ahead to rent the apartment? Please your opinion matters to us. View our properties listed for sale here: www.facebook.com/propertytycoons


Last month July 2016, I met a landlord who was furious and lamented how his tenant completely destroyed his facility and later bolted away. The landlord vowed to punish the tenant whenever and wherever he finds him. To worsen the matter, the tenant did not pay his rent for two years before packing out without prior notice. You can understand the landlords anger now.
I visited the property and to my greatest dismay , saw the level of destruction done to the facility. The compound was covered with tall bushes, an evidence of poor maintenance culture for a long time. The truth is: the landlord did not visit the facility for about 2 years on end(he confessed this to  me). If the landlord had been inspecting the property, say every two months,  the situation would not have been so bad.
Right now the landlord is carrying out heavy maintenance on the property. As at the time I visited, he had hired people to clear the entire compound and the street leading up to it.
From the foregoing, it is clear that if you stay away from your property for a long time, chances are that it will be messed up. Some tenants do not or perhaps fail to maintain other people's property, hence to check this ugly trend constant visit is the answer.