2 FLATS: Estimated blocks and Cost from Foundation to Roofing Level



IF you ever wanted to own a building especially 2 flats then you should be particularly interested in this analysis. Also, it is good to arm yourself with some basic knowledge of the cost and number of blocks to build 2 flats from foundation to roofing level. This will help you to plan your project properly and not run out of cash on the way.
Firstly, a bag of cement yields 40 blocks. You need between 130 to 150 bags of cement to take it from the foundation to the roofing level. The reason I was not specific about the number of bags is that the number of blocks for the damp proof course(that is, filling level) varies. Some builders use four blocks why others prefer 5 blocks for damp proof course(d.p.c). Another factor to consider is whether your 2 flat will have a dinning and masters(the size is also put into consideration).

From the foregoing we can conclude that you require about 5,000 to 5,500 blocks for the entire project depending on the number of course to filling level(d.p.c). If you know the cost of a bag of cement, you should be able to work out the total cost of 150 bags. 

From a tipper load of sand, you are supposed to get 500 to 600 blocks and you will use 13 or 15 bags of cement depending on whether the tipper is full to capacity or not.
Don't Forget: In terms of labour cost, local rates apply and varies from place to place. Get informed. Chidi Property would always give you a fair deal. Yeah! We would never dig a hole in your pocket. We build to standard.
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