Tell us the kind of building you want, and we will create a perfect replica of it. We take the perfect building concept out of your brain and create a physical match in all details. However, this does not make us a magician!

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Certain factors determine whether you could have it. Everyone wants a very nice building that would stand out in the community. That would attract the glare and gaze of every passerby. Some dive into the building project without first getting the cost details from the scratch to the final, finished and glowing building. But never reach the final stage of resemblance of their dream home. The project is abandoned, and the next news is that the uncompleted building is for sale.

Avoid this situation. We, at Chidi Property, help you achieve your building goal. We give you proper guidance before you begin your project. Hence, you avoid acting out the script above – abandoning your building halfway.

Consider the steps we take to help you realize your building project without hitches on the way:

Mr. Okoro contacts us regarding the 4 bedroom bungalow he wants to build. He knows we are one of the best building contractors in Benin City. He is so excited about the house. Each time he looks at the picture of a 4 bedroom bungalow he got from the internet, his face lights up. He imagines himself living inside, sitting quietly in the sofa, sipping his favourite juice. His fantasy stretches on and on.

When we examine the kind of building he wants for himself, we bring him to terms with reality. We cross examine him to determine if he could achieve his dream home. Many fail this test.

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Granted, Mr Okoro assures us he is capable. We seek to understand what he actually wants. A building may be very attractive on screen or on the paper. Vital details about the interior may not be revealed. The client may not really know about that. Many clients may agree on the same physical appearance of a building but have different opinions of their taste regarding the interior of the same building.

Different features in the building will affect the amount of space for the building. So we ask Okoro the dimension of his land. This will help us plan the position of the building relative to the land space. We give consideration to parking space and future plan for the remaining part of the land. The best utilization of land space is our priority.

We ask the client further questions: the size of the sitting room, dinning, and if the rooms would be all ensuite( in other words, if the rooms would have separate toilet/bath.) And the features in the toilet and bath. Would there be a table and mirror? Some clients would like to do all the shavings in the bath/toilet before stepping out. Hmm, comfort in the home!

Comfort goes with a  cost.

The client, Mr Okoro explains the kind of roof he desires for his building, and the finishing. Yeah, the finishing. Most home builders don’t think so much about the cost of finishing. They simply want what is good. This is where they run out of funds to continue the project.

After this preliminary assessment, we go to the site to get first hand information about the plot. We do this before we begin drawing the plan. We get a view of the area and landscape.

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Is it a low plain or high plain? What would be the best position to allow for ventilation and natural lighting of the building? Where would be the position of the soak-away? Parking space, drive way?, etc. You see, a lot to consider! So we don’t just sit in the office and draft a building plan in a hurry. We visit the site to sight the location of the project.

We sight the site.

We go the extra mile in making sure the client gets a whole new experience. We take it further from where others stop. Even though this may cost some time in educating new home owners about the best building practices, they usually burst out in appreciation as they experience high level of satisfaction in the end.

We look beyond the obvious to perceive other details. We consider the soil type or nature to determine the load bearing capacity.

Was the site formally used as a partial dumping ground? Does it matter? You may ask. Oh yes! We give consideration to such factor because of its implication to the building. The nature of building foundation on such site is carefully analysed.

If this is neglected, the occupant of the building may see cracks on the floor in future. Even the walls and foundation could be severely compromised(affected). At this point, the cracks become a major source of concern requiring heavy maintenance otherwise building collapse could happen.

But we avoid this situation right from the start. Letting the client know that if debris decompose it creates a gap. The load on top goes down to fill the space. This displacement results in cracks. But don’t worry! We know how to handle this situation perfectly.

The durability of any building is determined from  the start. Here are the options: aim for quality building and spend less on maintenance cost in the future or build like every other person without caring about the quality(this is quite cheap so many unconsciously choose this option) but carry out costly and regular maintenance in future.

The two options have different cost implication right from the start of the building project and down the line. So the choice is yours. As a competent building contractor and consultant, we lay the options bare so that you are properly guided.

Attention to the Cost.

Oh yes! This helps inexperienced home owners not to run into trouble or trap.  We get down to details. Offering cost evaluation and estimation of any building project is part of our services.

Building a house these days in Nigeria could be overwhelming. The cost of building is going up everyday. If many had a choice, they would rather take their building up from the scratch to the finishing without stopping the project on the way. To do that with a 4 bedroom bungalow could gulp down a lot of money. And if you ask us for such estimate, we give you the facts and figures.

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Some may become scared about the actual cost( without exaggeration) especially when they consider their budget. Just relax. Rome was not built in a day. You could take the project stage by stage according to your strength or financial capacity.

Your may request for estimation of getting the building from the scratch to DPC level. Then focus on that project level. You may request a complete breakdown as in; number of bags of cement, number of blocks given the size of the building, average labour cost, quantity of sand, etc. Aha! You see, it’s not so complex.


Chidi Property is a seasoned real estate expert and beyond. If you need lands, 2flats, 4flats, bungalow, duplex, filling station, hotels, etc to buy in Benin City or Edo State, we are at your beck and call. Do you want us to manage your property? Reach us now.

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