People have different perceptions about where they stay. Some
have stated that one's success or failure depends, to some extent, on the type of house you rent. Going by this reasoning, any misfortune is attributed to that house. On the whole, we cannot verify these claims. What counts are the following factors that will guarantee a comfortable and pleasant experience.
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1.       Accessibility: is the house far inside? How close is it to a bus terminal? Would it be easy to get to your workplace? Is it close or far from your children’s school? Your careful consideration to these questions will aid a wise decision.
2.       Electricity: Does the area have a reasonable supply of electricity?
3.       Is the area prone to flooding whenever it rains? This could be frustrating you know.
4.       Examine the neighbourhood. Is the area a den of miscreants? You may not be able to sleep with your two eyes closed. So ask questions.
5.       Gather information about your would-be landlord/landlady. Some are known to have a ‘monitoring spirit’ and are given to quarrel.
6.       Why did the previous tenant vacate the apartment/premises? Some leave for different reasons, good or bad. Maybe he was uncomfortable with the landlords attitude or perhaps he moved to his own house. Anything is possible.
7.       Count the cost. Is the rent affordable? Do you have the capacity to renew the rent from year to year? Live within your standard.
8.       If it’s not a new building, check the facilities if they are still working. Otherwise draw the attention of the caretaker or landlord to it.
9.       Water. Is there constant supply of water even when there is no electricity? Does the landlord have a working generator to  operate the borehole in case there is power outage? If not, do you have?
10.   Waste disposal. Some compounds do not have solid arrangement in place for waste disposal. When there are liters all around this could serve as a breeding ground for disease-spreading creatures
11.   Ventilation. There should be a good circulation of air as this is necessary for good health. A damp or stuffy apartment will make you uncomfortable.
12.   Determine the right colour for your room this will certainly affect your mood.(Read up: How your bedroom colour affect your mood)
13.   Maintenance. Survey the compound. Can you devote enough time to keep the compound neat? 
In a nutshell, these questions are meant to fire up your thinking ability and thus make a wise decision and be happy ever after!
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