It was 1st April, 2016 at precisely 5:00pm. I got a call from a client whom I will call Osarobo. He asked me if I had a property suitable for a school. At that moment I did not have any available for rent. So the next day, I went round in search for it. I got three options. Without wasting time, they came and I showed them round.
Unfortunately, they were not satisfied. As we were going out, I saw a colleague in front of a particular property which, I tried to reach the owner but to no avail. We all alighted from the car. I made inquiries and was told the property was for sale . This sparked the interest of Osarobo. Therefore, we entered the compound and inspected it. To cut long story short, Osarobo did not purchase that particular property because of the perceived high marked price.
In view of this, I did not rest in my laurels. I went to work again, searching for a property that suites their need. Eventually, I got one close to the road. It was a 3bedroom bungalow on a 50 x 100feet dimension. I called the Barrister in charge of the property and negotiated with him. I let him know that I would take my client inside the compound for inspection and he gave me the permission. With this, I called the client  over for inspection. We went inside. Having being satisfied, we left and I took them to other properties, but  they quickly turned others down.
Furthermore, I was in their sienna bus as they drove away. At their request, I called the Barrister in custody of the bungalow for a thorough negotiation. Later, I handed the phone to the wife of the client and she spoke with the Barrister. Initially, the marked net price of the property was 4million naira. But with her strong negotiating power, the price crashed to 3.5million. Later, I got off from  the bus.
The following day, the client went to the property and collected the Barrister’s number and scheduled a meeting with him without my notice. That same day they located the Barrister’s office. Events happened so fast. In fact, the client spoke with the owner of the property and arrangement was made to pay for it. Eventually, they made a part payment of 3million. Within one week, the balance was completed. In all of this, I was pushed aside. One month down the line, the client deliberately refused to give me my 10% commission.
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Investment in properties should be planned out thoroughly. Don’t rush
into  it, otherwise you will bite your finger later. Indeed, you have to study a lot of factors before you make a move and avoid regrets. Remember, you worked so hard to earn your money and won’t be wise to let it go down the drain in a single careless investment. Well, you can walk cautiously through this slippery terrain successfully if you consider the following steps carefully:


The family unit is much more precious to allow anything to threaten its unity. Secrets and scandals often easily weaken trust, love and peace- the foundation of a successful family. In view of the foregoing, a spouse should not have a skeleton in its cupboard when carrying out a project. Unfortunately, most women prefer to build a house without their husband's knowledge.
A lady in Lagos did this. She built a  house from the scratch to the finish secretly. They were in rent, so after completing the house, the wife cleverly manipulated matters so that the husband paid to rent the house built by his wife. In fact, most houses men rent are determined by their wives.
The wife was able to carry out her plan perfectly through her agent who cooperated fully. They soon moved into the house. Two years passed, yet the husband didn’t know the landlady. To worsen the matter, the landlady increased the rent. The husband was carrying the heavy rent burden grudgingly. After few years there was another  increment. This time there was no hope of paying and so he received eviction threat. However, the wife came to his rescue and paid the rent. The husband could not hold back his excitement as he went about telling everyone how kind his wife was. After the rent expired there was yet another increment. This proved to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. The husband became very furious and sought to know the landlady but the agent would not disclose the identity. Not giving up, the husband tried whatever means to unravel the mystery, and behold the truth became known- his wife was the landlady. Ever since this startling revelation, the family had never remained the same.
Put yourself in the man’s shoes, what would you do upon this shocking revelation?
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Erosion menace
Erosion is a menace. When rain falls, it projects a nagging feeling of insecurity especially for those whose houses are affected. Previously, I have written about the dangers of purchasing a property in erosion prone area. However, if by any reason you found yourself in such area all hope is not totally lost. You could do any or all of the following to reduce the impact:
1.      Raise the foundation level of your house: if the normal foundation level is 4 couches, endeavour to make yours 5 or 6 couches. This will, at least, prevent erosion from entering your house much later.
2.      Do not floor your compound: It is the common practice for landlords and landladies to floor their compound through different means- concrete, interlocking tiles, etc. This is not the best if erosion must be controlled. The ground around your compound should absorb certain amount of erosion instead of flowing out to accumulate elsewhere. Landlords in this same area should adhere to this recommended principle.
3.      Maintain the moat near you: moats are present in most communities in Benin City. They now serve the useful purpose of erosion control. For this reason, do not allow certain individuals to dump refuse inside it or perhaps level it and selling the space off.
4.      Create gutters: If at all possible create gutters to channel water through. Yes, create a course-way for erosion.
5.      Do not allow the sale or development of all the plots around you: some persons buy the surrounding plots and leave it undeveloped so as to control erosion.
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Many of us would like to answer yes. It never sounds nice to think
that your land is under threat. True, you worked hard to raise money to acquire the land. Hence, you would do anything to protect it from intruders. However, you may not be able to control all the factors that might undermine the security of your land. 

Consider this experience:
Martins was protecting a particular land. He scares away anyone attempting to invade it. For the time been, the land was protected. Meanwhile, the owner of the land had been away for a long time and didn’t bother to visit, probably because he knew someone was on the look out for him. Because of the strategic location of the land, a lot of persons have made attempt to sell it but failed. Then it occurred to one of them to bribe Martins. Martins fell for it, collected the money and kept his mouth shot. He didn’t raise any alarm as a community leader sold the land.

The buyer started work on the plot and the project progressed rapidly. The building soon reached roofing level. Out of the blues, the genuine owner of the land emerged and couldn’t believe his eyes. He had no moral justification to scold Martins for not alerting him to the development since Martins was not under strict obligation to protect the land. Besides, Martins acted as a surveillance over the land out of the goodness of his heart. To settle the matter, he had to be resettled. 
1.      Obligate somebody, maybe a neighbor, to watch over your land
2.      Check on your land frequently
3.      Have multiple persons to keep an eye over the land and give you a tip off once there is an intruder.
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Handrails, otherwise known as banisters, are very important in staircases. You use it for support while going up and down, and without it you might stumble and fall. A staircase without handrails is dangerous , especially if there are children or older people in the house. Hence, it must be installed as part of safety standard.
Banisters must be firm since it is usually griped while climbing the stairs. Routine check up on the banister must be carried out to make sure it is still in good shape. Damages and broken parts should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent accident. Aside from safety purposes, handrails are also used to highlight the beauty of a house or building. Handrails for stairs come with different styles which add attractiveness and value to any structure that has them. Banisters can be made from different materials like wood, metal, stone or aluminum. Wooden handrails are good for stairs inside the house. You can paint it with different colours or carve them with different designs or patterns. On the other hand, metal handrails are best installed for stairs outside because it can withstand most weather conditions.
When you use the staircase make sure you hold the handrails for support and avoid running. Also encourage your children to do the same.