Landlords  are becoming more proactive these days. Having had unpleasant experience with a tenant in the past, they don’t want to be caught unaware again. A landlady at Ugbighoko decided to hand her house over to a lawyer even though she occupies the first flat while the other is for tenant. The reason why she did this was because her previous and first tenant messed up her apartment. Worse still, she inherited a light bill from the tenant. She concluded that if a lawyer was in charge, then she could effect certain action, the lawyer brought out a tenancy agreement with a long list of dos and don'ts.
1.       The tenant shall carry out periodic sanitation/normal routine maintenance
2.       The property shall be solely for residential purpose
3.       The tenant shall be responsible for the payment of utility and other necessary rates
4.       The use of Generator shall not exceed 10:00pm at night
5.       The tenant should not unreasonably over crowd the premises with relatives and friends
6.       Any unreasonable wear and tear caused by the tenant must be repaired before the tenant leaves the house if he chooses to do so.
7.       The tenant shall not assign, sub-let, let or part with the possession of the property to or remove from the said premises any furniture.
8.       When the tenant elopes for a period exceeding 3 months without handing over the keys, the landlord shall apply to court to force open the door to regain possession.
The list is endless. Wait a minute! How do you feel about these commandments? If you were subjected to these conditions would you go ahead to rent the apartment? Please your opinion matters to us. View our properties listed for sale here:


Last month July 2016, I met a landlord who was furious and lamented how his tenant completely destroyed his facility and later bolted away. The landlord vowed to punish the tenant whenever and wherever he finds him. To worsen the matter, the tenant did not pay his rent for two years before packing out without prior notice. You can understand the landlords anger now.
I visited the property and to my greatest dismay , saw the level of destruction done to the facility. The compound was covered with tall bushes, an evidence of poor maintenance culture for a long time. The truth is: the landlord did not visit the facility for about 2 years on end(he confessed this to  me). If the landlord had been inspecting the property, say every two months,  the situation would not have been so bad.
Right now the landlord is carrying out heavy maintenance on the property. As at the time I visited, he had hired people to clear the entire compound and the street leading up to it.
From the foregoing, it is clear that if you stay away from your property for a long time, chances are that it will be messed up. Some tenants do not or perhaps fail to maintain other people's property, hence to check this ugly trend constant visit is the answer.



How often will people continue to fall prey to deception. Here is the story of a man I call Osakwe, who bought a property with ten rooms(Brazilian Design, or what we call face -me -I -face -you)on a 100 by 100feet dimension for a ridiculous N2M. The property in question was a family house. In such  a case, a lot of persons have stake on the house. Therefore  selling it would not be easy-it takes the consent of every member of the family to get it sold.
There were eight persons in that family.  The family head had died a few years ago. Meanwhile, a lady in the family, for a long time, had been nurturing the idea of selling the house, and without the knowledge and consent of the other family members.
One fateful day, an unwary buyer was found. He liked the property very much especially as it was cheap. Arrangement went in place quickly to finalize the purchase. The lady smuggled out the document of the house. Also she arranged for people to pose as family members endorsing the sale. They all signed the necessary documents. The client quickly made payment. As soon as the transaction was closed, they bolted away. Trouble was brewing.
When the other family members learned of it, they arrested the buyer.
1.       Be careful when a property is too cheap, because this is one strategy used to deceive buyers to buy dubious property.
2.       Don’t be in a hurry to buy, slow down
3.       Carry out all investigations before buying
4.       Do not buy property on your own-you need the services of experts  in the field to guide you through the entire process
5.       When it sounds too good to be true, then it is not
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First and foremost I treat the identities of both communities as anonymous. Community clashes is a frequent phenomenon in many parts of the country. For  unknown reasons fight erupts without warning; so it happened in a particular community. some rascals took a boy to this community and killed him there.
The community woke up to see corpse in their land. They quickly concluded that the rival community did it. The community chairman was furious, and went back to the drawing board to plan a counterattack. Then a clear plan emerged.
In the evening of the following day he threw a birthday party. A lot of guests were invited. The DJ started to thrill the audience with melodious and romantic tunes. Drinks were many, food was surplus. In the midst of this, the chairman mobilized his boys and launched an attack on the rival community. They were successful. The other community was caught napping. The following day report was made at the station about the surprise attack. The one fingered for the offense, slipped away without guilt. It was difficult for the police to believe the story since the chairman had his birthday the night of the attack. Indeed, the birthday party was used as an excuse, a smokescreen or scam to carry out the attack.
1.       WHAT is the best method to resolve dispute?
2.       Is revenge the answer?
3.       If you were a police officer, how would you handle the case?


So many communities experience lack of cooperation from landlords. Some roads or streets have fallen into disrepair and inaccessible by cars because of lack of willingness on their part to fix the road periodically. What is usually required is just to fill up the road with red sand and hire tractors to level it. The other day, a landlord was complaining to me about how he single-handedly brought in a tractor to fix the road. Prior to this, he had asked others to make some contribution for that purpose, but they, except one, turned a deaf ear.
It was not that they were not having money but rather simply refused- a case of stinginess. Where  I live, the street is not motorable. There are large pools of water that served as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. My landlady tried to ginger others to contribute some money to buy filling sand and then fix the road. Out of about 11 landlords, only three contributed. The remaining eight said that the erosion did not affect them, for that reason there was no point contributing.
This is the situation in so many streets today. Lack of community spirit is affecting the rate of development in most areas.
1.       How do you create a spirit of cooperation in your street?
2.       What should be done to defaulting landlords?
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