A lot of potential home owners make mistake when conceiving the kind of house they desire. A case in point was a family of five. The breadwinner decided that his three daughters would each have separate rooms. The wife also had her own separate room. The husband was not left out, he reserved spacious room for himself.
With this arrangement, it is hoped everyone would have peace and high level of privacy.
When the daughters were all grown up, each left for University. Later, they all got married in turn. Now only the couples are left behind. The many rooms now lay empty. The man wanted to rent out the rooms, but there was a problem: how could he share his sitting room or lobby with a total stranger, a tenant! Loneliness was gradually creeping in. At least they need the company of someone in the compound to do cleaning. It seemed to be the best option.
The only solution to this problem is to reshape the house i.e carve out a room and parlour selfcontain. HMM. Easier said than done. This will gulp some money, especially now that he has  dwindling resources.
Whenever you are thinking of building a bungalow, you must consider all the factors or what will happen when all your children leave home.


These days some landlords are scared of giving out their house to tenants. Some who have had a terrible experience with tenants are reluctant to accept just anyone. In this regard, landlords conduct a thorough screening exercise. Some take a step beyond this. This reminds me of a particular apartment at ugbighoko. The previous tenant damaged a lot of the facilities: the tap knob was broken, shower no longer working, the doors  were in bad state, the ward-drop doors were fallen.
To worsen the matter, the tenant packed out secretly. This angered the landlord. To forestall this ugly situation, the landlord decided to charge N20,000 caution fee for any incoming tenant. This fee would be used to repair any damaged facility when the tenant is moving out. But if no damage, it will be refunded.
Before ever you give out your house to tenants you need to find out the following concerning them:
1.       The size of their family, who and who will squat with them later
2.       Their office, employer, etc.
3.       Their habit: is he a smoker or drinks alcohol a lot?
4.       Their referee
5.       Their previous residence and find out why they were leaving
6.       Is he or she troublesome?
7.       Does he or she have a good maintenance culture?
Apart from the foregoing, you need to dig deeper especially if the tenant is occupying the entire compound. You have to be very careful in this regard. Some tenants who have the entire compound to themselves sometimes get involved in questionable activities. Some compounds become a safe haven for criminal activities. Monitoring tenant activities in a situation like this is difficult.
1.       Have you had a bad experience with your tenant in the past?
2.       How did you manage a troublesome tenant?
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Property business is a very interesting one. The price is never stable at any time. More so, the price that Mr. A will fix for his property may be different from that of Mr. B even though both properties are in the same location. The following are the factors that determine the price of a property:
1.Time of Need: A property owner might be in some financial distress and needs to sell off the property as soon as possible. Here, the buyer will have a higher bargaining power and therefore drive the price down. Conversely, if the seller is not pressed in any way, the price of the same property will be different.
2.Rate of Development: The price of a property will go up quickly if the rate of development in that area is high. If you buy a property for 500,000 naira, in two years time, this amount might triple its value say 1.5m.
3.Ecological Problem: The price of a property might stay the same or even go below its initial price, if the property is in a waterlogged area, although this may not be the case when you bought it.
Nearness to The Major Road: The price of properties varies with its location. A property along a major road will cost higher than the one inside the street.
4.Individuals: Individuals fix prices arbitrarily. It is during serious negotiation that the exact worth of the property is known
5.Facilities: A 2 flat apartment with modern facilities will have a different price with the one built a decade or two ago.
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2 FLATS: Estimated blocks and Cost from Foundation to Roofing Level


IF you ever wanted to own a building especially 2 flats then you should be particularly interested in this analysis. Also, it is good to arm yourself with some basic knowledge of the cost and number of blocks to build 2 flats from foundation to roofing level. This will help you to plan your project properly and not run out of cash on the way.
Firstly, a bag of cement yields 40 blocks. You need between 130 to 150 bags of cement to take it from the foundation to the roofing level. The reason I was not specific about the number of bags is that the number of blocks for the damp proof course(that is, filling level) varies. Some builders use four blocks why others prefer 5 blocks for damp proof course(d.p.c). Another factor to consider is whether your 2 flat will have a dinning and masters(the size is also put into consideration).

From the foregoing we can conclude that you require about 5,000 to 5,500 blocks for the entire project depending on the number of course to filling level(d.p.c). If you know the cost of a bag of cement, you should be able to work out the total cost of 150 bags. 

From a tipper load of sand, you are supposed to get 500 to 600 blocks and you will use 13 or 15 bags of cement depending on whether the tipper is full to capacity or not.
Don't Forget: In terms of labour cost, local rates apply and varies from place to place. Get informed. Chidi Property would always give you a fair deal. Yeah! We would never dig a hole in your pocket. We build to standard.
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Room and Parlour selfcontain floor plan design
The Best Design

Room and parlour self-contained is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. It has become the choice for bachelors and young couples. Many of these prospective tenants have good taste. That is, they appreciate a good design and don’t mind paying more to secure it.
There are indeed different designs or plans. We shall consider two: Firstly, there is a design in which there is no lobby. The parlour links directly to the room. You access the toilet through the room. Obviously, the disadvantage with this, is that, a visitor that wants to use the toilet will have to pass through the bedroom. So there is hardly any privacy here. The only seeming advantage with this pattern is that it minimizes space. Interestingly, 5 units of this type of room and parlour selfcontain or one bedroom flat can be built on 450sqm(50ft x 100ft) land space as shown below;
Room and parlour selfcontain that minimizes space


On the other hand, the best pattern which everyone appreciates is the type with a lobby. You can do other things in this space or keep other properties here. Besides, there is privacy. The parlour does not link to the room but rather links to the lobby. So, any visitor will go straight to the toilet without passing through your room. 

Why is this Type of Room and Parlour Self-contained Design Plan Unique?

This self-contained design is unique because of the following reasons:

There is enough space. Every occupant loves spacious apartments. No one wants to feel choked up because of little space.

It enhances comfort and convenience. The occupant is usually relaxed and enjoy the environment more.

It improves ventilation. This is very important because air has to move freely in and out of the apartment.

It reduces stress. You may wonder how. You get a feeling of relief when you enter your beautifully designed room and parlour self-contained. You move around easily as gentle breeze caresses you. Heat flows out from the selfcon while allowing cool air to flow in. Now you get my point, after been stressed all day its nice to anticipate home to unwind.

High chances of retaining your tenants. When tenants enjoy the aforementioned benefits above, it makes them to want to stay. In fact, you have given them enough reason to stay. Besides, they are likely to be more successful in life. How? Its only in a good and convenient environment that one can plan meaningfully without unnecessary interference. 

It enhances healthy living. A nice self-contained apartment can impact ones health in different subtle ways.

Pictures of this type of room and parlour self-contained are shown below

A good design of room and parlour selfcontain building

The picture above illustrates spacious room and parlour selfcontained. The sitting room is big with dinning, enough space in the lobby, and the room has ample space.

Spacious room and parlour self-contained design
Spacious bedroom of the room and parlour self-contained design
spacious toilet of room and parlour selfcontained design

The reason many homeowners don't consider this type of room and parlour selfcon is that it takes up more land space. Only 4 units can sit on a 450sq space( That's 50ft x 100ft). But most people would like to have 5 units of room and parlour selfcon(one bedroom flat) on a 450sq space. They believe earnings from rent is higher.

Good kitchen space of room and parlour selfcontain

The Bottom Line
With this design plan of room and parlour selfcontained executed with accuracy, can accommodate properties well arranged in good order. 

The kitchen has enough space for cabinets and other cooking utensils.

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